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Getting Started Nov 20, 2019

Hello my Dear,

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Today I would like to share with you my thoughts regarding ingredients. Honestly, I'm interested in cosmetics for about 10 years, but the choices I have been making for most of that time were a disaster.

My philosophy was rather simple. I bought cosmetics, that was recommended by the people, who have no competences and knowledge about the ingredients. Ok, data were not that greatly available and understandable, especially for people who were under 20.

Secondly, I trusted big companies.  I supposed that when something cost 2-3 times more than "shit from the drugstore" it is automatically better. What a shame.

Today we all have a choice and believe me, we all can afford great skincare with great ingredients. You don't have to look for it in "fancy" perfumery. My approach has changed recently, and I could have been talking hours about that. But today I am going to touch the issue. I would like to present you an application, that is more than a great source of information. It is made for people, who are lazy or–to be more politically correct–busy.

It is all about INCI Beauty. Let me introduce you the powerfulness of it:

  • INCI Beauty allows you to check the supplied ingredient or cosmetic.
  • For checking the cosmetics–scan the bar code or write the name down. In case that given cosmetics has not been reflected in the database yet, you can upload the photos of it (including ingredients) and wait a couple of days for analysis.
  • The evaluation of cosmetic is performed on a scale. The higher the score, the better component. Moreover, the application evaluates each element and provides relevant information. It helps to understand, which substances should we avoid and why are they controversial.
  • It contains ads, but thanks to them, it is free.
inci beauty application, main menu screenshot

I have checked my beauty inventory, and I was shocked, angry, and felt relief at the same time. Most of these top brands, expensive cosmetics, are so to say crap. Now I regret how much money I have spent on the products, which weren't even able to help with any skin issues. Homoeopathic amounts of valuable ingredients and an enormous amount of preservatives, microplastics, potentially cancerogenic (or controversial at least) substances, much more generally cheap components are just a few examples.

INCI beauty application screenshot showing results of search

I am curious about how valuable are your cosmetics. Are you mentally ready to check it?

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Please note that I am not a cosmetologist, neither dermatologist, so in case of any skin allergies or other health problems–consult every product before usage. I can't, and I won't take responsibility for the consequences of your choices.

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