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I don't have a diploma in Cosmetology. But as a master of natural science, I still have this little sparkle of chemistry enthusiasm which doesn't let me use substances without an elementary clue, how they work. The more I learn about cosmetics ingredients, the more terrified I am. I am sorry to inform you if you are not aware that most cosmetics sold in drugstores and perfumeries are... crap.

There is no chance to learn everything in a short time, but let me show you my joker.

I would like to share one quick but simultaneously powerful method to evaluate INCI of cosmetics in a couple of seconds. No prerequisites required - but as always, excellent to have!

Honestly, I'm interested in cosmetics for about 10 years, but the choices I have been making for most of that time were such a disaster.

My philosophy was relatively simple. I bought cosmetics recommended by people who had no competencies and knowledge about the ingredients. Ok, 10 years ago, valuable information wasn't that broadly available and understandable.

What is more, I trusted big companies. I assumed that paying 2-3 times more for some luxury serum automatically makes it better than "this shit from the drugstore" What a shame! And what a mistake.

Luckily you don't have to spend a fortune, and we all can afford great skincare with great ingredients. Pro-tip 1 - don't even look for skincare in a fancy perfumery. It's a joke most of the time.

Let's move to the point and face this issue finally. I would like to introduce you to an app or even apps - there is more than one. This kind of apps evaluates an INCI of cosmetics based on the barcode. One snap, and that's it. Perfect for people who are lazy or–to be more politically correct–busy.

The app I am using the most frequently is  INCI Beauty. Let me introduce you to the powerfulness of it:

  • INCI Beauty allows you to check any individual ingredient or the whole cosmetic.
  • As mentioned above the app scans the barcode. However, the name can be provided manually as well. In case that given cosmetic doesn't exist in the database yet, you can upload the photos of it (including ingredients) and wait a couple of days for the analysis.
  • As a result, cosmetics are evaluated with scores. The higher the score, the better the component. What is more, the app evaluates each element and provides relevant and detailed information concerning safety, possible allergies, etc. It helps to understand which substances should be avoided and why.
  • It contains ads, but thanks to them, it is free.
inci beauty application, main menu screenshot

I have checked my beauty inventory, and I was shocked, angry, and relieved at the same time. Most of these top cover brands, are so to say, not satisfactory. Now I regret how much money I have spent on the products, which weren't even able to help with any skin issues.

Homeopathic amounts of valuable ingredients and an enormous amount of preservatives, microplastic, potentially cancerogenic (or controversial at least) substances, and much more cheap fillers - this is what I learned about my skincare.

INCI beauty application screenshot showing results of search

Naturally, this app won't make you an expert, but this is still a nice start. I strongly encourage you to play with it and confront the information with other sources.

Are you  ready to check it your inventory?

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Please note that I am neither a cosmetologist, nor dermatologist. I can't, and I won't take responsibility for the consequences of your choices.

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