[EN] How to prepare to TELC Deutsch B2 and pass it. My tips - writing part

Nov 09, 2019

Before I start, let's make one thing clear. My blog supposed to concern beauty topics, right? Actually I consider beauty quite wide, including the beauty of mind, not only makeup and skincare. Hopefully,  you are fine with it!

People that take the test have a different level and learning history. Those who learn German not for a long time can pass it with a good note anyway. How? The key is to understand the structure of the test and prepare according to it. Surprisingly, I could understand that people, who speak and write almost perfect pass it with a worse note than me, when not prepared. Why? It is all because of the time that runs on.

Telc B2 Deutsch writing part consist of one exercise with two topics to choose from:
1. Beschwerde - the complaint
2. Bitte um Informationen - request information

Both of them concern different topics that are not disclosed before. You have only 30 minutes to choose one option and write a text containing at least 150 words. There is no time for thoughts. My tips for this part are the following:

  1. Have B2 level of German.
  2. Write with a pencil and don't forget your rubber eraser. Yes, really - no pens at the exam.
  3. Don't waste time for a rough draft, you don't have a lot of time. In case you change your mind, simply erase it or take it off.
  4. Practice writing both options with the watch. The sooner you go shake hands with time, the better and relaxed you write.
  5. Find exact TELC topics. Check the TELC website for a free test. You can follow also my other recommendations:
  6. Learn some phrased by heart. Some of them are more versatile than others, but there is a big chance you can use it during the exam. But please don't overdo it. Otherwise, you might be accused of plagiarism. For example:

    Ich habe das Produkt X bei Ihnen erworben und war leider von vielerlei Dinge höchst enttäuscht.
    Mit diesem Schreiben möchte ich mich darüber bei Ihnen beschweren.

  7. Don't write too much. The more you write, the more possible is that you make mistakes. Don't write too little either. Your score will be cut if you have less than 150 words.
  8. If possible, find a German teacher, who knows TELC rules and ask for a check of your letters. Then you have an idea how would you be scored during the exam.
  9. TELC it easy! Es ist aber nicht so schwierig, TELC zu bestehen.

Do you find my tips useful?

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